Search Engine Optimization

Our Search Engine Optimization professionals bring decades of collective search engine optimization experience in identifying competitive advantages, niche opportunities and your company's strengths in developing a holistic SEO strategy that increases rankings, overall market presence, lead generation and above all, bottom-line impact.

Pay Per Click Management

360 Online Marketing is a Google Adwords and MSN AdCenter-certified pay per click management company offering years of expertise for businesses of any size, market reach and budget for all major search advertising platforms. We have managed nearly 5 Million Dollars in total paid search advertising expenditures to date, in helping clients improve sales, leads and bottom-line results, at highly affordable rates!

Website Design & Development

Need a great looking, fully optimized website at an affordable price? We build custom websites from the ground up that are tailored to your company's needs and budget. Our custom web designs incorporate modern, future-proof coding, SEO-optimization, are easy to navigate and effectively explain who your company is, what you do and how to contact you. Looking great is just the icing on the cake!

Spanish Internet Marketing

The Latin-American, Spanish-speaking market is the fastest growing demographic in the U.S. We have helped dozens of legal, eCommerce, political and multinational businesses & organizations increase sales in domestic and foreign Spanish-speaking markets. We utilize years of native-level Spanish copywriting, cultural and Internet marketing experience to deliver outstanding results for clients seeking to increase market share in this continually growing segment.

Search engine optimization (SEO) has been one of the most natural and effective methods of getting organic search engine traffic to your website or blog for years. It is also one of the methods that has changed the most since some Internet marketer uttered “keyword phrase” for the first time. Too many website owners still struggle to attract potential customers and clients are the same tired as SEO techniques they learned before the millennium. Stop wasting time and learn what search engine optimization practices are outdated and should be abandoned.

Keyword Percentages and Keyword Stuffing

Back before Google’s a zoological-named algorithm changes started marching onto the scene, most website and blog owners concentrated on finding a marketable keyword or keyword phrase and then tweaking all of their content and code to include a specific percentage of those terms. The result was a glut of sites that were written specifically for search engines and not for people who might happen upon them.

These days, there are no recommended keyword percentages to focus on and stuffing as many keywords onto a site as possible may actually get the site penalized instead of boosted in the rankings.

Writing Content for Search Engines Instead of People

As mentioned above, putting as many keyword phrases into an article, website page or blog post as possible used to be the method to attract search engine spiders to your site. That technique resulted in unreadable, often automatically spun articles that did not inform or entertain anyone who stopped at the site to read them.

The focus on search engines and the belief that online success is a numbers game should be abandoned in favor of actions that form a relationship between your company, yourself and the buying public. Instead of particular keyword phrases repeated, practice latent semantic indexing (LSI) by including naturally associated words and phrases that are on topic. Instead of using a template to reach a specific word count, number of headline tags or bulleted lists, concentrate on engaging the reader.

Link Building is Not a Numbers Game

Old SEO logic told marketers to get as many links back to their website as possible. This still leads some site owners to broadcast their link on worthless directories, spam it on blogs, forums and social media sites and even pay people to disseminate it on trash sites all across the web. The number of links you have to your site still has some benefit to higher SERPs, but it should not be focused of any link building campaign. Webmasters must abandon the idea that if you link it, they will come.

Search engine rankings focus on the human side of the equation these days. Logic states that having a link to your site on a directory with no traffic makes little sense and won’t attract interested parties. If you want your links to work, they must get in front of the right people. Popular, niche-specific sites that include your link could attract direct traffic as well as improve your website’s placement in the popular search engines.

Abandon outdated SEO concepts that focus on creating a site for search engines instead of people. Diverse content with natural language, smart linking on sites that have the type of traffic you want and building relationships through off-site content and social media will get you a lot farther and practices of the past.

Boulder’s Internet Marketing Professionals Since 2006

Welcome to 360 Online Marketing! Our team of talented, creative, experienced Internet marketing professionals utilize decades of collective, specialized experience in Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Management, website design and SEO website copywriting experience in delivering outstanding bottom-line results at highly affordable rates. We advocate a holistic, transparent, collaborative approach in everything we do, in working with you and your company’s team to develop innovative, effective, results-oriented solutions to your company’s web design and Internet marketing challenges.

There are no entry-level members on our team. Each individual, from our pay per click management specialist to our SEO specialist, web developers or website copywriters, offers nearly a decade or more of specialized experience in that particular discipline. We work together seamlessly as a team to deliver the highest level of personalized service and bottom-line results. Several members of our team have been collaborating on projects and working in Internet marketing, SEO, PPC management and web design years before this company was formed in 2006.

    The 360 Online Marketing Difference:

    • Only experienced specialists work on your web design & development, search engine optimization (SEO), website copywriting and pay per click (PPC) accounts. Our specialists have set up and managed hundreds of different PPC accounts, built and written copy for hundreds of different websites and have implemented SEO strategies for hundreds of different businesses.
    • Low overhead = lower fees and improved bottom-line ROI for our clients. Expensive office space does not translate into improved results, just higher fees. At 360 Online Marketing, you truly get what you pay for!
    • We are extremely accessible and attentive to your needs, questions and concerns, at any time of the day or week. The 360 Internet marketing experience doesn’t start and end with monthly reporting and standard business hours.
    • We have an acute understanding and years of experience in developing effective Internet marketing strategies across dozens of  industries, business models, budgets and markets.
    • We have a keen eye for the smaller nuances of on-site content (saying the right things, in the right places, to the right people) in helping businesses optimize and maximize visitor retention and conversion rates.
    • We utilize a wealth of past experience and exhaustive research in gaining a complete understanding of your company, business model and competitor strategy. This allows us to develop an effective, scalable Internet marketing strategy that evolves seamlessly with your company’s growth model and changing needs and goals.

    We Can Take Your Internet Marketing Strategy To The Next Level

    Are you ready for a higher level of Internet marketing performance? If so, please give us a call at (303) 586-1643 or Contact Us for a professional assessment of your company’s website and Internet marketing strategy and how we can it to the next level.

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