Search Engine Optimization

Our Search Engine Optimization professionals bring decades of collective search engine optimization experience in identifying competitive advantages, niche opportunities and your company's strengths in developing a holistic SEO strategy that increases rankings, overall market presence, lead generation and above all, bottom-line impact.

Pay Per Click Management

360 Online Marketing is a Google Adwords and MSN AdCenter-certified pay per click management company offering years of expertise for businesses of any size, market reach and budget for all major search advertising platforms. We have managed nearly 5 Million Dollars in total paid search advertising expenditures to date, in helping clients improve sales, leads and bottom-line results, at highly affordable rates!

Website Design & Development

Need a great looking, fully optimized website at an affordable price? We build custom websites from the ground up that are tailored to your company's needs and budget. Our custom web designs incorporate modern, future-proof coding, SEO-optimization, are easy to navigate and effectively explain who your company is, what you do and how to contact you. Looking great is just the icing on the cake!

Spanish Internet Marketing

The Latin-American, Spanish-speaking market is the fastest growing demographic in the U.S. We have helped dozens of legal, eCommerce, political and multinational businesses & organizations increase sales in domestic and foreign Spanish-speaking markets. We utilize years of native-level Spanish copywriting, cultural and Internet marketing experience to deliver outstanding results for clients seeking to increase market share in this continually growing segment.

A high-quality logo is an essential element when building your brand. An eye-catching design not only complements your business concept but also acts as advertising wherever it appears—on a website, letterhead, business card, or billboard. With the right design, your logo can raise your company’s profile and increase brand recognition. Your logo will also communicate a message about what kind of company you are—and you can control that message by incorporating certain features in the logo design itself. While each company has its own unique needs, the following five characteristics are true of all good logos.

A good logo is . . .

Appropriate. A company logo should follow a style appropriate to the business itself. For instance, playful or multi-colored images may be more appropriate for a children’s clothing company than for a bank. The appropriateness of a logo is entirely about tone—how do customers expect your type of business to project itself? You do have some flexibility to use a logo that cuts against obvious or expected choices—a camera company need not use an image of a lens in its logo. However, a good logo will be consistent with the company’s larger image.
Legible. A logo is legible if customers can easily read and make sense of the design; if a logo is not legible, customers may not be able to identify the company name or understand what type of business it is. Legibility can often become an issue with over-designed or ornate logos. While your logo should be visually interesting, it should not be confusing or indecipherable.
Versatile. The versatility of a logo refers to how well it reads across different types of media. At a minimum, your company will likely include the logo on a website, stationery, and business cards. Depending on the business type, your logo may also appear on product packaging, clothing, social networking sites, mobile apps, and print/digital advertising. A strong logo is one that will be equally effective in each of these contexts; your logo should be adaptable to black and white printing and copying, and you may need several versions of the logo to use in different types of media. The goal here is for the logo to remain recognizable no matter where it appears.
Memorable. In order to be effective, your company logo should be memorable—if it consists of a graphic, customers should be able to recognize your brand even without seeing the company name. A memorable logo makes a strong impression and contains visually interesting elements—it is a logo that is legible and versatile without being dull or predictable.
Timeless. Like fashion or music, design follows certain trends. It can be tempting to adopt the hottest trends wholesale, but you should take a critical eye to any logo design that feels a little too on-trend. Try to imagine how the logo will look one, two, or five years from now. This strategy helps eliminate overly trendy designs, but it will also force you to think about how you expect your company to grow; if you anticipate growth into certain industries or sectors, consider how your logo design plays in those contexts, as well.

A skilled graphic designer can work with you to create a company logo that meets all of these criteria. You can facilitate that process by thinking about what you want your logo to communicate and where you expect it to appear.

Boulder’s Internet Marketing Professionals Since 2006

Welcome to 360 Online Marketing! Our team of talented, creative, experienced Internet marketing professionals utilize decades of collective, specialized experience in Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Pay Per Click (PPC) Management, website design and copywriting experience in delivering outstanding bottom-line results at highly affordable rates. We advocate a holistic, transparent, collaborative approach in everything we do, in working with you and your company’s team to develop innovative, effective, results-oriented solutions to your company’s web design and Internet marketing challenges.

There are no entry-level members on our team. Each individual, from our pay per click management specialist to our SEO specialist, web developers or website copywriters, offers nearly a decade or more of specialized experience in that particular discipline. We work together seamlessly as a team to deliver the highest level of personalized service and bottom-line results. Several members of our team have been collaborating on projects and working in Internet marketing, SEO, PPC management and web design years before this company was formed in 2006.

    The 360 Online Marketing Difference:

    • Only experienced specialists work on your web design & development, search engine optimization (SEO), website copywriting and pay per click (PPC) accounts. Our specialists have set up and managed hundreds of PPC accounts, built hundreds of websites and overseen and managed nearly a hundred different SEO campaigns.
    • Low overhead = lower fees and improved bottom-line ROI for our clients. Expensive office space does not translate into improved results, just higher fees. At 360 Online Marketing, you truly get what you pay for!
    • We are extremely accessible and attentive to your needs, questions and concerns, at any time of the day or week. The 360 Internet marketing experience doesn’t start and end with monthly reporting and standard business hours.
    • We have a acute understanding and years of experience in developing effective Internet marketing strategies across dozens of varied industries, business models, budgets and markets.
    • We have a keen eye for the smaller nuances of on-site content (saying the right things, in the right places, to the right people) in helping businesses optimize and maximize visitor retention and conversion rates.
    • We utilize a wealth of past experience and exhaustive research in gaining a complete understanding of your company, business model and competitor strategy. This allows us to develop an effective, scalable Internet marketing strategy that evolve seamlessly your company’s growth and changing needs.

    Are you ready for a higher level of Internet marketing performance? If so, please give us a call at (303) 586-1643 or fill out our contact form for a professional assessment of your company’s website and Internet marketing strategy and how we can it to the next level.

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    360 Online Marketing Client Testimonials

    “360 Online Marketing have been responsive, highly effective professionals that have helped us take our startup training program to prominent positions on all search engines in an cost effective and highly visible way. Their approach is perfect for growing small ideas into big returns.”

    Dave Newport - CU Sustainable Practices Program