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WordPress Plugins to Jazz up your Site

by 360-admin

One of the most important reasons WordPress continues to reign supreme over the world of blogging – and let’s face it: There are many outstanding reasons! – is its dazzling array of customizable plugins to fulfill any website owner’s needs. From search engine optimization tools that push blogs right…

Wyvern: The Next Language for the Web?

by 360-admin

The NSA has featured heavily in news headlines recently due to alleged digital surveillance rumors. Self-styled whistleblowers have broken these stories to a concerned public, making us all aware of the agencies exploitation of communications protocols and digital messaging systems in order to read private data. The entire situation…

Choosing an Effective Company Logo

by 360-admin

A high-quality logo is an essential element when building your brand. An eye-catching design not only complements your business concept but also acts as advertising wherever it appears—on a website, letterhead, business card, or billboard. With the right design, your logo can raise your company’s profile and increase brand recognition….

Designing for a Mobile Device

by 360-admin

When hosting a website, it’s easy to forget about your mobile users. All-too-often, when setting up a site and worrying about clients, a site owner will simply throw up some graphics and content. However, to succeed, one needs to worry about visitors coming from their tablets and smartphones. With…

Looking Good: LinkedIn Gets a Facelift

by 360-admin

In early June, one of the most profitable and successful online social networks announced that it was time for a visual change. Borrowing a page from Facebook and Twitter, the leading social media platform for business professionals has changed the layout of its premium profile pages, which now feature…

Web Design Trends of 2014

by 360-admin

Technology self-perpetuates as new developments happen elsewhere. With a greater availability of Internet access available from more powerful smart phones and cheaper home computers brought about by miniaturization, more people than ever are expected to be using the Internet in 2014 for everything from education to grocery shopping.

With this…

Is Being ‘Above the Fold’ Really That Important?

by 360-admin

In this contemporary era, many if not most businesses have realized how important the creation and maintenance of an aesthetically appealing and functional website is. At this historical moment, internet use is growing faster than ever and many people have begun making purchases based off information they see about…

Responsive Web Design

by 360-admin

What is Responsive Web Design?

There was once a time when Internet presence amounted to little more than a series of static web pages with minimal consideration for the type of content presented and even less consideration for the ease of potential clients. The industry has thankfully matured over the…

The Dark Website

by 360-admin

When it comes to website design, there’s always a point where compromises need to be made between artistry and usability. It may be tempting for a web designer, whether a seasoned veteran or a novice, to use a dark design. It can be a striking and even elegant design…

Why WordPress is Superior to Joomla and Drupal

by 360-admin

While there are a large number of Content Management Systems (CMS) platforms for users to select from, no other platform is as popular or widely used as WordPress. In fact, almost 55 percent of the top million most visited sites that run on CMS are utilizing the WordPress publishing…