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Targeted Internet advertising campaigns that maximize your company's exposure and online lead generation and sales potential.

Pay Per Click Management Services

360 Online Marketing offers our pay per click management clients an impressive resume of experience and success in developing, setting up and managing fully customized pay per click advertising accounts for both service and product (ecommerce)-oriented businesses on platforms such as Google AdWords, MSN AdCenter, Facebook Advertising and more.

Launching a new pay per click campaign will immediately enhance your company’s online presence in front of your target market. The knowledge and prior experience that go into both the setup and ongoing management of your PPC account will ultimately end up being the primary factor in maximizing ROI from this initiative. The money you are paying to Google, Microsoft or Facebook for ad clicks will quickly outweigh the upfront setup and ongoing management fee expenses. It is very easy to spend a small fortune on PPC, even a limited market size and especially in Google AdWords, where the average cost per click has skyrocketed across nearly all market segments over the past 5 years.

Experience Matters. Results Matter. Are you Getting What You’re Paying For?

If you or your PPC manager are making inexperienced mistakes, and they will without question happen no matter how much time you or your PPC manager are investing in PPC forums, blogs, seminars or other self-improvement resources, in the end hands-on experience will be the ultimate determinant of what types of mistakes are made in both the short and long term and the total cost of those mistakes will be will be largely determined by the monthly ad spend budget relative to the amount of direct, hands-on experience of the PPC manager in question. The salary or management fees will play a much smaller role in determining bottom line ROI or loss, especially in the long run.

We specialize in developing and implementing A-Z PPC management strategies that encompass the lifetime of the PPC management process; from the initial account setup, through the early post-launch phase where constant adjustments are being made, to the mid-life maturity of the account where it is steadily progressing and expanding its budget, size and market-reach, to the full-scale implementation of what PPC can deliver to your business profit-wise when account content is fully-optimized.

Our post-setup PPC management work includes the following:

• Ad copy A/B split testing in determining the most effective combination of ad header and body copy messaging.
• Keyword bid optimization for optimal account performance at any budget level that scales with changing needs and goals
• Expansion of the targeted keyword and negative keyword batches using the latest data and search term reports
• Keyword quality score optimization
• Landing page keyword and messaging adjustments
• Account and campaign-level targeting and settings adjustments to maintain optimal performance as budgets, targeting and needs change
• Web page creation/re-segmentation in conjunction with expansion of the PPC account’s reach and overall presence as needed

Many more techniques can and will be used. The above is a small sample of the core areas of emphasis we typically focus on. Any work we do will always be kept completely transparent to you

Get Professional, Agency-level PPC Management at Contractor Rates.

Our clients, 3rd party contractors and even former clients who have worked with some or all of our team by and large agree that our level of service, attention to detail and overall quality of work and results attained with respect to our management fees represent an exceptional value in this space.

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